Networth Updates

Net Worth Update December 2017 – $293,532.35

A net increase of $5,692.71 to bring us to $293,532.35 Here's the main table tracking our net worth again.   Change Explanations: 401k - $5,714.69 - Contributions and growth/loss, no real changes strategically here. HSA - $207.98 - Normal paycheck contributions but some more baby expenses. There are still outstanding bills we know are coming so this will continue [...]


Baby Stuff!

What a difference a month makes! It's just been an incredibly busy month with baby stuff mostly. People aren't kidding when they say that kids change your life! We've had our first ambulance ride, first NICU overnight stay, first experience being peed on, first spit up in our mouths, etc! The good news is that the [...]