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Crazy Busy – Baby, Car, and Vacation Stuff

This has probably been the longest we’ve gone without posting. It’s just been an incredibly busy month with baby stuff, a new car (more below), and some vacation planning.

Baby Stuff

What a month this has been. We had a scare which involved an ER trip and luckily everything has worked out fine and there aren’t any issues with the little one. We also found out that we’re having a girl! We’re both very exited about this and after finding out the gender we’ve been doing a lot of discussing and planning.

Trips to different baby stores to see what kind of “things” we should get or plan to get. Wowsers! There is a lot of STUFF that you “need”! Very luckily we’ve had a lot of friends and family that have recently had children and so we’re trying to minimize what we buy.

Just today we received a package full of hand-me-down maternity clothing for Mrs. Jane which will save us a boat load of money on that. Included in that were some baby clothes that they no longer needed so some more savings there.

We will happily use any hand-me-down or thrift store type items that we can. While we did save some money there we also purchased some items for the nursery this month to the tune of $326.67

We’ll do a short little post about this because we found a way to save an extra 7% on this stuff.

Car Stuff

So we got a free car!

It’s a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with 99,000 miles on it. Woohoo!!! This will allow us to get rid of Mr. Joe’s 1997 Acura Integra that has 210,000 miles on it.

We’ll make a separate post about this later with all the details so that this post doesn’t get overloaded. But it does require some investment into it to get it into “drive-able” condition. Essentially we spent $598.03 on stuff for this new car to make it work for Mr. Joe but in the end it’s a huge upgrade in car for that kind of investment and we’ll hopefully be able to recoup all that when we sell the Integra.

Here’s what the Integra looks like:

Vacation Planning

Finally we were planning our next vacation this month. We normally go visit family each Labor Day but as Mrs. Jane will be like 36 weeks pregnant this year we decided to go visit our family for the Fourth of July to make travel a little easier for her. We were not able to find any deals at all on airfare but we did use our $500 flight voucher to make it a little more affordable. See this post to see how we get flight vouchers: Flight Vouchers

In the end the flights and rental car for a week trip will cost us $485.50

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