Crazy Financial Comments

Crazy Financial Comments

We’re going to start our third series of posts and call it Crazy Financial Comments. The other two series are our Net Worth Updates and our Money Saving Tips.

If the title wasn’t obvious enough, this series will be about the most ridiculous comments we hear in conversation and we hope it will be interactive where you, our readers, can supply some of your own stories in the comment section.

Credit Card – Crazy Comment

Today’s Crazy Financial Comment comes courtesy of a close friend at a party. We were catching up on the ongoings in each other’s family, general small chit chat about what they’ve been up to and what they have planned.

He is an amateur work worker and actually can build some pretty good furniture like tables, cabinets, etc. So he was discussing that he wants to purchase a $2,500 table saw that stops the blade if it detects a finger in the blade. The techie in me thinks it’s amazing technology and an incredibly wise investment for the professional wood worker or the particularly clumsy person. Safety first is a very good mindset.

However, everyone has hobbies and some people have expensive hobbies (Mr. Joe is learning to fly airplanes). However the next sentence that comes from him is: “But that’s what credit cards are for, right?”

Holy shinanigans Batman!

Not only does he want to make a very large purchase for his woodworking hobby but he wants to finance it on credit!

So that was the Crazy Financial Comment for today. I hope I don’t hear too many of these but I’ll make sure to continue this series as I come across them. It’s really amazing to hear the kind of stuff that some people are doing or saying to totally undermine their financial foundation.


Glass Houses and all that

For those that have seen our Net Worth Updates, you know that we are carrying some credit card debt. I don’t want you to think that we’re big hypocrites here. Our credit card debt is entirely at 0% interest right now and we have the cash to pay it off from Mrs. Jane’s bank which isn’t currently in our Net Worth Updates.

Furthermore just the nonchalant manner in which his statement was made was a totally different attitude than how we approach our debt.


We’d really like to hear what some of you have to share about Crazy Financial Comments so please leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Financial Comments”

  1. Nooooo, not the credit caaaaaard! Poor guy. Hey, Mr. Picky Pincher and I crawled out from under $14,000 of credit card debt, so I know how addictive and horrible they can be. I hope the guy was just thinking out loud. Hopefully he’ll find a way to fund the table cash instead of putting it on credit.
    As far as recent Crazy Comments, the worst one I’ve heard is my coworkers trading in a 2-year-old car for a brand new car. They rolled the loan of the first car into the second (!) and got a steal for *only* a $600/mo payment.

    1. That reminds me of another terrible story that this same person has undertaken around car leases. It’s very similar to what you said. I’ll save it for next week if I don’t hear something else but essentially the couple is leasing two different vehicles and are most likely going to go over their mileage allowance.

      By the way, I am jealous of your paid off debt. We’re working our way there slowly.

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