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Credit Card Extended Warranty

Pay attention to your Credit Card Extended Warranty!

Late last month, Mrs. Jane was browsing Facebook on her phone when the screen went black. What the heck! Nothing would turn it back on. We went through a number of troubleshooting steps that ran the gamut of wacky and crazy just trying to get it to come back to life.

Eventually the manufacturer recommended a return and warranty replacement but alas! we were outside of the 1 year warranty by a couple of months so no free replacement from them.

But, we did buy this thing on a credit card (which we do with most of our purchases for cash back) and I was pretty sure there was an extended warranty offered by the card. So I got on the phone with them and sure enough the card offered up to one year of extra warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty so long as you met some reasonable limitations: didn’t physically damage the device, didn’t abuse it, blah blah blah.

After a little back and forth with MasterCard and a couple of days later a check for $405 arrives in the mail! WOOHOO!

So, not only did we avoid having to buy a new phone out of pocket but the replacement cost for the same exact phone was only $260 so there is a minor profit here.

So what is the lesson we learned? Pay attention! You may have a credit card extended warranty, it can pay off and it’s normally a free benefit!

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