Welcome to the Average Joe and Jane Early Retirement Blog!

Where Mr. Joe and Mrs. Jane pursue of Early Retirement, espouse wild and wacky wisdom about finance, and other useless mumbo jumbo.


Our goal with this blog is to share nearly everything that financially impacts our lives as we make our way to Early Retirement! Our goal is to retire by the time we are 50 years old if not sooner! The picture at the top of this page is in a lake in northern Vermont, a favorite vacation spot of ours. So go click around, read some posts and comment or share to your hearts content. I’ll do my best to reply to all the questions that come up.

As we add posts to this blog, we’ll dig deeper into what successes and failures we experience and just general comments and data on where we sit financially.


Net Worth Updates

Net Worth Updates – In this area of the Blog we will provide monthly updates of our Net Worth with a discussion on what the cause of the changes were.


Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips – In this area of the Blog we’ll post some general things we’ve found that save us money. It could be travel, it could be interest rate reductions, coupons, ANYTHING.


Crazy Financial

Crazy Financial Comments – Did someone really say that? No way someone is that crazy, they couldn’t possibly think that buying a car at 28% interest was a good idea, right?

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