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Kitchen Renovations – the DIY Way

We mentioned in some previous posts that we got some new appliances for a reasonable price to replace our old appliances. We measured everything to make sure it would fit before buying but did not take into account the way the doors opened on the new refrigerator. Time to do some kitchen renovations.

As you can see below, the new fridge has double doors and the one that opened to the left with the water and ice could not be fully opened. When we started taking these pictures Mr. Joe had already demo’d a portion of the wall, moved a light switch from the kitchen side of the wall to where you see it now, and re-framed the opening. What remained was drywall, texture, new tile, baseboards, and paint. The second picture was before demo started and you can see the outlet that was in the way.


The picture above shows how the wall was opened up and re-framed to a bigger opening to allows the door to fully open.

Here Mr. Joe was doing some more clean up work on the opening before starting to drywall.


This picture shows the tile work that needed to be finished due to moving the wall back. It wasn’t too difficult, a couple of previously cut tiles had to be removed and lay down new tiles to match. Luckily we had plenty of left over tiles from the previous home owner who did the white tiles and we had extra when we did the brown tiles. But removing the old tiles we chipped three others so ended up doing more work than we thought we would.

Finally, the tile work and drywall completed, the painting done and all that was left was to install the baseboards and paint them. That completed the work and the new fridge was in place.

Mr. Joe had never done any drywall work before and while the pictures don’t show it very well it really does match the existing texture and you can’t even tell that it was a DIY job. We’re super happy with the results and especially the money saved over new appliances and contract labor.

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    1. It certainly can be but it can also be costly. It wasn’t in this case but we likely spent very close to what a contractor would have cost us. Still definitely saved some money but gained some skills to be used in the future!

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