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Net Worth Update August 2017 – $257,772.67

A net increase of $7,578.51 to bring us to $257,772.67.

Healthy increases on all accounts this month. Here’s the main table tracking our net worth again.


Change Explanations:

401k$4,433.79 – Contributions and growth, no real changes strategically here.

HSA$396.39 – Normal paycheck contributions and the first real month recently that we didn’t minus spending from the HSA account to cover some medical expenses for Mrs. Jane as she goes through pregnancy. Next month there is likely to be a big loss here because we had to make another ER visit for Mrs. Jane and the baby.

RothIRA$119.82 – Stock market at work here… The investments grew a little bit this month.

Taxable$860.67 – Company stock finally had a little recovery, still a long way to go until it vests so hopefully it keeps up this trend? Most likely not… Overall this account will likely be quite volatile as it’s just one companies stock. We can’t do anything about that until it vests.

Acorns$39.78 – Just like before, we love Acorns because it just puts that little extra away without you realizing it.

Cash$546.39 – Normal ebbs and flows of the checking account at work here. This was the first month in a couple that we’ve had a cash increase. We paid off the car last month and working on building a little cushion before our little one arrives. We’ve added an Income and Spending section below that will show where most of our “cash” went.

Mr. Joe’s Student Loans$131.70 – If you’ve been following our blog then you’ll know that we recently Re-financed Mr. Joe’s student loan with SoFI. We’ve detailed that process in some other posts you can find here. So far it’s been great working with SoFI. We made a payment this month and accrued a little interest.

Mrs. Jane’s Student Loans$71.90 – Again, just a simple payment and interest on these loans.

Car Loan 1This loan is going to drop off of this report next month as it’s paid off. We left it this time just because it feels GOOD!

Car Loan 2$277.65 – Making progress on schedule here due to making a payment. This is a 0% interest loan and we’re unlikely to ever accelerate this loan payment.

Credit Cards$459.20 – We pay this off in full each month so this just indicates a recent payment really…

Income and Spending

Here’s where we actually show you where our money went during the month. We won’t go into crazy detail because telling you which restaurants we ate at each week would be just silly. But we will cover any unusual spending or income.

The “Budgeted” numbers below are kind of ambiguous and work on a monthly funding basis so something like car insurance which we pay every 6 months has a dollar amount budgeted but won’t have actuals except for twice a year.


This is kind of a simple table showing our income for the month.


Another month of contributions. Nothing special.

Necessary Expenses

Gas for the cars was really low last month but has returned back to normal. A lot of that was due to a road trip from Florida to North Carolina.

You might notice a new category “Daycare”. We’re starting to build this into our budget to make sure it’s not a surprise when we do have to start paying for it. For now, we’ve paid a deposit at a location and in future months, until she arrives, this money will build an emergency fund.

Nothing else of importance here. It was a pretty boring month for expenses.

Discretionary Expenses

Mr. Joe is now officially a pilot! This month included a lot of extra spent there for the fees to the examiner and the plane rental for the exam. This expense will now drop significantly as he won’t be having to pay for an instructor anymore.

We spent more on eating out this month as well too. Suspect that’s from the two vacations and some airport food.

Household Goods: We started buying a lot of stuff for the upcoming arrival of our first kid! This month it was a car seat and some other minor purchases that added up.

Home Maintenance was slightly elevated due to the last purchases needed to finish the nursery (baseboards!).

Excess Expenses

Random miscellaneous items here. No surprise.


Pretty Graphs

Personal Capital Net Worth


Personal Capital changed their graph styles a little bit. Also it hasn’t captured all of the account updates that I do above. I’m not sure what the funny drop and large rebound at the end are. I assume some sort of error with pulling data from the accounts or something.


Charts from my Google Sheets Financial Tracking Spreadsheet

This first graph shows what our current liquid assets would provide as income at a 3% withdrawal rate in Blue, our income in Red, and our expenses in yellow. For those readers that have not researched Financial Independence and Early Retirement (FIRE), this is a very conservative way of estimating retirement income. Essentially, when the Blue line exceeds the yellow line we could retire with reasonable confidence.

I’m not sure what happened with this graph and why it has zoomed so far out. I’ll have to check into that and see if I accidentally changed a setting somewhere…

This is a stacked line chart that shows how our net worth is broken down in different accounts. Hopefully as time goes on these graphs become more interesting. You’re starting to see some of the lines spread out as different accounts grown and contribute to our net worth in different ways.


Full Disclosure: The links above to SoFI and Acorns are referral links. I will get a bonus from SoFI if you sign up using my link and you will get $100. If you sign up for Acorns with my link we both get $5.

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