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A New Car for FREE!

So we got a new car for free!

It’s a 2005 Hyundai Elantra with 99,000 miles on it. This will allow us to get rid of Mr. Joe’s 1997 Acura Integra that has 210,000 miles on it.

Here’s what the Integra looks like:

So the Integra was getting a bit old and was having some reoccurring maintenance issues that made us start the search for a “new” car.

It’s issues:

  • Leaking oil at a rapid pace. About a quart every two months.
  • Squealing belts – air conditioning and power steering
  • Needed an alignment often – pretty sure that it had some really bad bushings but Mr. Joe didn’t want to do all the work to replace them.
  • Air conditioning cannot keep up with summer heat
  • Driver’s side outside door handle is broken

None of these were worth spending any significant money on but when Mr. Joe’s sister got herself a new (to her) vehicle and offered the Elantra to us we jumped on it.

The Elantra had been in a minor fender bender and had a couple other issues but was mechanically sound.

It needed:

  • New front bumper and fender – $270.56

Here’s a picture after having the bumper and fender removed (and Mrs. Jane’s SUV in the background):

We also did some upgrades to it to make it a more enjoyable car for Mr. Joe on his daily commute.

It got:

  • New hub caps (shown in the picture) – $30.23
  • New headlights – $111.52
  • New radio with Bluetooth – $105.93

We may take the bumper and fender to Maaco to get a cheap paint job because they come just with primer on them. However, even adding that cost we got a car that’s 8 years newer with 110,000 less mileage with less maintenance issues for less than $1,000

And we’re likely to recover a lot of our costs when we sell the Integra.

3 thoughts on “A New Car for FREE!”

    1. It’s pretty awesome that’s for sure! Definitely unexpected and will be a big upgrade from the older car

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