Non-Finance Tools We Recommend

In this page you’ll find the non-finance tools that we personally use like Web Hosting. We don’t list anything that we haven’t actually used or currently use. You’ll see actual screenshots of some of these tools in our posts and we will try to answer questions that you may have.

Web Hosting

We currently use BlueHost for hosting our website. They make it SUPER easy to setup a website and have very low fees. So far we can highly recommend them for anyone looking to start up a website, whether it’s a blog, an ecommerce site, or something else.


Amazon – We are lazy and therefore purchase a lot of our “stuff” from Amazon. With Prime it shows up 1-2 days later and we don’t have to go to Walmart. Amazon isn’t always the cheapest but they are convenient. We use a website: which is a price checker for Amazon to ensure that it’s a decent price.

Project Fi

Project Fi is an amazing cell phone service. Project Fi uses T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks to provide their service. All your interaction is directly with Google but the backend network stuff is done on those providers networks providing amazing network coverage for a very small price. We pay $35/month for unlimited minutes and texts and $10/month for 1 GB of data. Project Fi also refunds you for any unused data!

Mr. Joe is a tech junkie and uses the Nexus 6P while Mrs. Jane uses the Nexus 5X. Both are excellent phones at very reasonable prices. Even if you don’t want to use Project Fi, the phones can be used on just about any network. They’ve also recently released the Pixel which looks really good but we have no experience with it.

Useful Items

Fair warning: some of these items are completely random things we’ve purchased that are not related to finance or retirement at all. They might just be something we’ve found that we love.


Amazon Fire TV
We recently decided to cut cable and try to go to streaming services and we settled on the Fire TV as our streamer of choice. It’s turned out to work fantastically with a great interface and excellent speed.

Over the Air antenna
So there is no magic antenna that’s required for HDTV. It’s a marketing gimmick. That being said there are differences in antennas and there is no guarantee that this antenna is the right one for your particular circumstance. So please don’t buy it blindly and expect it to work in your location. We are a reasonable distance away from the broadcast antennas and they are all in the same direction so this antenna works great.

Tablo TV DVR
The Tablo is a DVR for your antenna. Pretty basic concept but the implementation is amazing. Tablo has a TV Guide and is able to record 4 shows at once. It can then stream those shows to any of the TVs in the house if they have something like a Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, etc connected to them.

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags
I wouldn’t blame you for thinking we’re crazy here…Poop bags, really?!? Yes. They’re dirt cheap when bought in bulk and these are slightly scented to hide some of the stinky smell and they come with carriers to attach to the leashes. We love our pets and try to be good neighbors by picking up their waste. Who doesn’t love poop bags?

Merkur Double Edged Safety Razor and Crystal Blades
So confession time. Mr. Joe has a baby face. As in, “he only has to shave once a week and he’s 30 years old” baby face. There’s a little growth over a week but for most men it would equate to a next day shadow kind of stubble. His other “problem” is that he has very sensitive skin on his face. He used to break out in pimples after every shave with one of the multibladed razors and through some research discovered safety razors. He’ll never ever ever go back! Not only does he no longer break out but you can get 120 blades for around $17.

Inflatable Coleman Hot Tub
Yes, you did read that correctly! We have an inflatable hot tub and no it’s not a gimmick. We bought it as a gimmick fully intending it to only last one winter (Florida winter). However it’s going on three years old now and while it’s not a 10,000 pulses per minute, we’ll turn your sore muscles into putty, hot tub; it is a very good for it’s price purchase. We had friends laugh at us repeatedly until they actually came over and used it. We still look back at when we bought it and wonder: What the hell were we thinking!?! But it’s awesome.