Other Blogs We Follow

So you want to know what other blogs we follow or websites we enjoy? Well feast your eyes on these awesome blogs:

Budgets Are Sexy
J. Money does an awesome job of somehow making budgeting, finance, debt, early retirement, etc. FUN! Might have something to do with his awesome hair…we’re not sure. Whether it’s the hair or just his writing style it’s entertaining.

Afford Anything
Paula has a good moto: You can afford anything, but not everything. That’s a really interesting concept that really drives home a point about how every purchase decision is driven by priorities. She also has a really great Podcast that Mr. Joe subscribes to and listens to regularly.

Mr. Money Moustache
Not much to say here other than it’s an amazing amazing resource for early retirement and he has an excellent post that describes The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement. Go read it!

Root of Good
Root of Good is an interesting addition to our reading as they are currently retired and retired at the ripe old age of 33 with three kids! What we wouldn’t give to have started this journey earlier and able to retire in a couple years.

Mad Fientist
The Mad Fientist interviews a lot of other people with really awesome stories and insights into the finance world. He also has some excellent advice on tax avoidance strategies as well. The Mad Fientist has an awesome Podcast as well.

Physician on FIRE
PoF has an excellent take on Early Retirement from a doctor’s perspective. He as already reached Financial Independence but has not yet retired.

1500 Days to Freedom
Wow what a story. Going for early retirement in 1500 days required an amazing savings rate. Not quite something that we’re going for but this blog is an inspiration in what you can really do when you want it bad enough.

This family is going for an early retirement as well and saving 65% of their income to do it. Wow! They post a large variety of topics so go check them out.


There are definitely other Blogs that we may be missing. If you know of a good one, then send us an email or leave a comment and we’ll check it out!