Podcasts Mr. Joe Listens To

Mr. Joe is a Podcast listener extraordinaire! I have a long commute and therefore listen to a lot of Podcasts via a Podcast app on my phone and here are the one’s that I listen to on my otherwise monotonous drive:

Radical Personal Finance
Joshua has a very intelligent, very in depth podcast with a ton of technical information. He focuses on the details and real specific actionable information. I find his ability to break a problem down into it’s individual facets to be really beneficial. He focuses on helping people make decisions for themselves.

Financial Independence Podcast
This is the Podcast put on by The Mad Fientist. His Podcast is an interview process with some big names in the finance, early retirement, and financial independence world. It’s very casual and makes for a nice conversational atmosphere.

Afford Anything
Paula made her way in real estate and has an excellent blog and this Podcast is good accompaniment to the blog. She covers a variety of topics from debt, wealth, real estate, you name it.

Stacking Benjamins
This podcast takes a lighthearted and fun approach to financial knowledge. There are a lot of jokes (good and bad) on a broad range of topics. They’re sort of the antithesis to Radical Personal Finance in that regard.

Clark Howard
Clark is more of a mainstream general money and finance podcast. He covers scams, ripoffs, investing, retirement, etc. for the masses. I generally enjoy him for his honesty and humility when discussing things. He’s more than willing to admit his mistakes and even has a “Clark Stinks” bit where he airs the poor reviews and comments he’s received.