Networth Updates

Wow…the Very First Post

So, we started a blog and we’re going to start with sharing our Net Worth!

To answer the question anyone might have about why we are going down this adventure the simple answer is that Joe enjoys writing a little bit but really loves numbers.

Why do I love numbers? I couldn’t tell you that. Somehow it must be programmed into my DNA.

All through elementary school, high school, and college I’ve loved math and engineering. So it naturally led me to totally ignore my finances and let it get to the point I realized I needed to change something. We aren’t really in any bad shape financially:

  • Both our credit scores are >800
  • We have a positive Net Worth at 30 and 29 years old (Joe is of course the young spry one)
  • We don’t have any major crippling high interest debt
  • But we’ve realized we’re on that hamster wheel of lifestyle inflation not really getting where we want to be

Although the real driver of this change was finding out that Mrs. Average is pregnant! That’ll scare the pants off anyone and make them realize they need to take control of their finances.

So with a little dangerous research and a little free time, we decided to tackle our finances and head down a path to Early Retirement. You see we both LOVE to travel and so the idea of not having any debts and being able to do so at will without worry about our vacation time or bills is just irresistible.

I’ll end this first post with some details of where we currently stand:february-update

As you can see we’re not in terrible shape with a net worth of about $180,000 but those debts are stacking up.

As to what where the movers and shakers:

  1. Moved some money from savings into checking to start knocking some debt out.
  2. Paid off one of the smaller student loans that Mrs. Average has (had?)
  3. Paid off two credit cards

One thing to note here is that while we’ve been married for some time we have not combined our finances until recently. That was a personal decision that we’ve revisited so in the coming months you’ll see large influx of cash as Jane has some sitting in savings that is not included here.

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